Opportunity Creator Mission 

To be the catalyst in our exclusive communities in creating unprecedented value and opportunity for each member, investor, and ecosystem partner to grow revenue by making bespoke professional relationships

PERSIST in connecting you to your ideal client
CREATE a networking plan tailored for you
INFLUENCE your target market to keep you top of mind
GROW your business based on what has worked BEST for you

Here’s How the World of Blue Water Wave Works


The first thing I do is get to know people, their company, their character, the market they want to be in and their vision. I only work with people and companies I trust! There is an energy that goes along with individuals and companies and I want to understand it. I am passionate and go above and beyond to see them become more successful!! What I do for companies is elevate their presence through events, sponsoring events, speaking opportunities, introductions, social media, calling to schedule appointments, lunches and dinners with the decision-makers to make business happen. Timing is everything, I analyze where the professional or company is in their business cycle and create a plan that will benefit them in the very near future. The passion and energy that drives me to introduce people is seeing the magic happen when they start talking about actually doing business together, it’s electrifying! It’s like hitting a gold mind! It’s more than making money it’s realizing a vision and seeing it come to life! I love being part of that world of business. People that come to my events always leave saying they met the most amazing people! The reason why, is I got to know them before I invited them into the “world of Bridget.” I want to develop a deeper world for you & your business to help your company realize their goals & vision.


Anything worthwhile is worth working for… Strategically! When I believe in a company and understand their target customer it’s a matter of persistence in relationship building to formalize a business partnership. I have a “knack” for seeing the desired business come to life, called it a “sixth sense”. As I pleasantly persist, I know it’s for the benefit of all, to connect two companies to increase revenue. That is why I need to know the company their target market and create a plan to realize it. I persist through events, social media, strategic introductions, calls, emails and asking for the business. On occasion telling owners of businesses “you should do business together!” They do!


My background is in finance, commercial real estate, legal, branding, marketing advertising, and digital advertising. My approach to building companies and opportunities comes from a desire to strive to open doors, form relationships and build businesses. I analyze everything… my friends say “all the time!” I do not do the same old same old. I am always looking for the best companies, professional services and venues to bring businesses together and create a memorable experience. I break the mold that doesn’t work! I enhance what is working and create a new plan that will work to reach their goals. For me, creating opportunities happens in the mind. Who should be doing business with you? How can I introduce them? I become part of the company I work with and really understand the service and what company would benefit from their services. Whether it’s through creating events, social media, calling campaigns or strategic meetings-I sprinkle the magic “Bridget dust” on the opportunities to create business. It works!


BLUE WATER WAVE has the the capacity to influence the target market by creating events, social media & marketing plans that draw the desired attendees to a place where businesses connections will happen. Our positive, influential & strategic partners have benefited from being part of a world of respect, professionalism & fun. Like the beauty & force of a wave, we create plans that lead to relationships which lead to opportunities for business. All our events & plans have a compelling story to tell which influences the market and builds brand awareness while we educate the target market for our sponsors & clients. Social Media is a powerful force and when used in the right way it has the benefits of new business and keeps you top of mind. As the saying goes “like attracts like” well individuals want to do business with like minded professionals & companies. I analyze, build and influence the circumstances to create the new business opportunities.


Blue Water Wave loves to see businesses grow. How is this accomplished? We start with where you are, where you want to go in one year, 3 years & 5 years. Knowing where you are heading is the beginning and necessary to build a plan that will accomplish your goals & vision. The steps to success are the keys to your future success. After working for Fortune 100 & 500 companies I understand the steps from various industries and I use this knowledge to lay the foundation for the growth and success of your company. Blue Water Wave also partners with the trusted advisors who will assist you on your journey to success. Creating key relationships with outstanding attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals, wealth advisors, real estate professionals, advertising and so many other key players to help you get to your desired success. We take your growth serious, it benefits many people in our universe. In the end that is what we are all here for, helping others reach their goals & dreams.